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Faith-affirming, pastoral counseling is a special emphasis at New Day and many clients appreciate the spiritually supportive environment we can provide.  We work through each individual's story to unlock freedom, healing, and restoration. We find that the words of Jesus recorded in John 8:32:  "And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free" capture the essence of Jesus' healing presence in a life.  

We also serve clients who do not consider themselves Christian or even spiritual.  We create a supportive, non-judgmental environment for all our clients, regardless of their religious or spiritual orientation.  We do not include spiritual perspectives in sessions without our clients' invitation and we respect each client's preferences regarding the level and type of spiritual themes they want included in their counseling.  

  • Please complete the INFORMED CONSENT and INTAKE FORM for the first session.  Access the RELEASE form here if needed.

  • Access TOOLBOX here.

    • New clients please fill out Intake Form, Release, and Informed Consent.
    • Initial session may be up to 60 minutes (no additional fee).
    • Subsequent sessions are 45 minutes
    • Payment required at or before time of session.
    • Allow a previous provider to share information about your treatment with the Release form.