Renée Olson, PT, MBA; Emotional Wellness Coach

After 35 years of caring for others in physical therapy, I now find myself drawn to caring for others through counsel and in particular through story work to help a person grow, heal, transform themselves into who they were called to be on this earth, to live a wholehearted life. 

“Seeking counsel/asking for help is the number one sign of strength.  It is the best in you realizing there are parts within you that need care.”  This is something I have had to learn through my own journey.

Asking for help is also a requirement for success in any arena of your life.

There are a variety of factors that drive someone to seek guidance.

You may struggle with anxiety or constant worry.  You may feel depressed, unmotivated, even hopeless.  You may find that you are angry all the time and you don’t even know why.  Or it may be the case that you find yourself unable to feel any emotion at all; that you are numb to your circumstances.  You may find it difficult to quiet your mind at night when you should be getting much needed rest.  Or maybe you have a voice inside you that regularly says you will never be good enough.  Maybe you feel isolated, disconnected, lonely.

Here is my approach to your care.  It is threefold.

First is narrative; you in the context of story.  As humans we understand life through story.  We are also relational beings.  Relationships matter to us.  Together we will explore that landscape of your life to find a greater understanding of how your unique experiences and relationships have shaped you.

Secondly we will get to know and also develop healthy relationships with

your internal world; the parts within you that speak to you and aim to protect you at all costs.

Intertwined in all of this is an understanding of your embodied experience; connecting your mind with your physical energy , emotions, spiritual energy; remembering through what your body is telling you.  This will involve mindfulness techniques to listen, to calm, to engage and to connect your body and your mind with your world.

Through this care comes self compassion  and out of that flows compassion for others and healthy relationships.

I look forward to meeting you.


I am married to Craig. I have three beautiful adult children: Danielle, Micheal, and Jordan. I also have a black labrador puppy named Jezebel Mae. My most favorite things to do is adventure cycling because it includes everything I love: physical exertion, travel, nature, camping, music, wine, food, coffee, yoga, poetry, and conversation. Of course, all of this is to me a taste of heaven and is best when shared with others. 


BS in Psychology from University of Illinois, 1982

BS in Physical Therapy from Northwestern University, 1983

MBA from Northwestern University, 1992

Education related to narrative work:

Lay Counselor certificate from the Allender Center, 2017

Trauma informed narrative therapy and facilitation of small group counseling.  2015 - present

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