Pat Hanson, M.A., Pastoral Counseling, Emotional Wellness Coach

I have been working clinically in counseling settings since 1996.  I attended Moody Bible Institute receiving a B.A. in Christian Education and continued my education at Denver Seminary, a CACREP accredited school, where I received an M.A. in professional counseling licensure. I started my professional clinical career as an approved mental health provider under Chapter DHS 61.96 (3), Chapter DHS 35.03 (10) and, Chapter DHS 35.123 (2)(b) of the Wisconsin Administrative Codes.  I provided psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and families at a licensed outpatient mental health clinic.  I maintain that state approval to this day.  

My interest in spirituality prompted me to bring my training, experience and care into the local church.  In 2001 I transitioned to full-time, church-based pastoral ministry.  Though I was no longer a clinical mental health provider, I was able to use my training and experience to inform the work I did with people to help them experience deeper levels of fulfillment and spiritual growth.  Early In my pastoral career I was introduced to the power of story to facilitate growth and healing and it revolutionized my approach to people and their problems.  

From 2001-2019 I served a local church in a variety of pastoral capacities:  Pastor of Student Ministries, Pastor of Youth and Family, Pastor of Adult Ministry and most recently Executive Pastor of Ministry Development where I developed and equipped teams, managed and developed associate pastoral staff and directors, and worked with ministry volunteers.

In 2020 I successfully completed the Certificate 1 Program in Narrative Focused Trauma Care from the Allender Institute.  

In 2019 I transitioned from pastoral ministry to work full-time at New Day.  I started New Day to provide counseling, care and emotional wellness coaching to individuals, couples and families.  


Focus:  Individual, couple and family counseling.  Leadership and team development, counseling & church-based counseling ministry development, Group Counseling, Crisis Care, Biblically-based Teaching/Preaching, Church Consulting, Church-based Sexual Integrity Ministry Development

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