Months/Year--How long we're partnering with you

New Day resources have the biggest impact on your church when they are structured over time.  Check out our New Day Church Packages to see how they are structured to work over time.

  • This format offers the most continuity to New Day's resources and allows us to comprehensively resource and develop your team & church.  This is particularly recommended if your church wants to implement a church-wide discipleship effort or is facing pastoral transition or crisis.  

  • This format is useful for the church that has short term needs or goals, such as equipping itself for a pastoral sabbatical, or preparing the senior leadership team to transition the church culture to a Story-based model of discipleship.  

  • The shortest structured contract for New Day's resources, this gives you access to most of New Day's offerings.  This is a recommended option for Crisis Care in the wake of a tragedy or pastoral crisis.  New Day can also provide on-site counseling, groups and teaching/training and developing of leaders.