Resources--what we do

New Day offers seasoned experience in a variety of contexts...scroll down to see all our offerings.  Check out our New Day Packages to see these offerings assembled in deliverable packages.  

  • Creating a Story-Based Discipleship Culture

    New Day does this through engaging a number of our program offerings over the course of our service contract with your church.  Included in this offering is:  Character Development, Journey Groups, Leadership Development and Gatekeepers.

  • Character Development

    This program is both lecture and small group based.  It is designed to run for 9 months and meets 2x/month for 3 hours each meeting.  1 hour is lecture and 2 hours are small group based. This is the foundational program to all of New Day's Story-Based approach to discipleship.  This format can be adjusted to fit your church's context, timeline and needs.  

    *New Day requires the leadership team to have personally experienced the Leader Version of Character Development in order to support corporate implementation of CD

  • Team Development

    New Day will mentor your leadership to work together cohesively and collaboratively.  We also provide resources to help you clarify team/individual goals and help you develop the strategies you need to get you there.

  • Counseling Ministry Development

    New Day will equip your church to deliver competent care to your church and community.

  • Counseling

    Competent and experienced Christian counseling offered to individuals and couples.

  • Gatekeepers--Men's Sexual Integrity Program

    Structured program designed to help men stop the cycle of sexual sin in the context of a confidential group.  

  • Interim Pastoral Ministry

    New Day offers experienced pastoral care delivered through weekly preaching and teaching, leadership management and leadership team development.

  • Retreat-based Care for Global Christian Workers

    New Day provides 5-day retreats designed to help Global workers rest and reconnect with God, self and others.

  • Mediation

    Christ-centered principles facilitate engagement strategies designed to open hearts and minds and soften rhetoric and intransigence.  

  • Parent Coaching

    Individual and group coaching to help parents effectively mentor and parent.  

  • Crisis Care

    New Day puts people in your church/ministry to help navigate through crises such as a moral failure in leadership, an unexpected staff departure or a tragic or unexpected death of church leader.

  • Journey Groups

    These are groups designed to help men and women approach their own life stories with wisdom, courage and tenderness to unlock freedom and healing.