Leadership Development Package

Help your team become energized solving problems, setting priorities and enjoying each other in the process.  Facilitated workshops led by New Day's legal and counseling team, New Day will help your board/leadership team focus on best practices and your team will leave the training with practical tools and direction to craft sustainable impact. 

  • Board Wellness/Best Practices

    Description:  Specifically targeted to non-profit 501c3’s this training equips a board to introduce best practices to the way it conducts business.  6 hour facilitated workshop.  

    Outcomes:  The board will be able to evaluate and adjust current practices to better align with best practices for boards and have a list of actionable next steps to bring greater organizational synergy and health.  

    New Day Team members 1-3 (Business, Legal & Counseling Team)

  • Board Cultural Wellness

    Description:  Equips the board to operate more consistently within a Christ-inspired model of leadership and conflict resolution.  6 hour facilitated workshop.

    Outcomes:  The board will be equipped to with tools to implement mutual accountability and create a power-sharing/empowering  leadership culture at each level of leadership in the organization.

    New Day Team members:  1-2 (Business & Counseling Team)