Interim Pastoral Care Package

Transition is a nerve wracking time for churches.  New Day has seasoned team members who have been pastoring churches for decades.  Talk to us about what we can offer your church during your next season of transition.

Some of the benefits New Day offers in our Interim Pastoral Care Package:

  • Pulpit supply
  • Leader Development (leadership team:  ie elders, deacons, board, etc)
  • Facilitated support/leadership of congregational and team meetings
  • One-on-one consulting/mentoring/care with senior leaders/team members
  • Mediation
  • Vision/Strategy facilitation with leadership teams and congregation

Henry Stewart

As New Day's most experienced and seasoned team member, Henry has a lifetime of ministry experience to draw from.  Henry received his TH.M. from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1983 and has been pastoring churches for the last 35 years.  In addition to pastoring/interim pastoring, Henry also leads a retreat ministry for global Christian workers called E.L.I.M. (Encouraging Leaders in Ministry) which is partnered with Barnabas International.

"Understanding the dynamics of spiritual growth; helping “stuck” local churches or church teams regain vision, direction and momentum; shepherding and encouraging local church leadership teams; preaching and teaching the Word; helping local churches develop a strategy for Great Commission involvement; I love thinking about what is involved when the corporate worship of God is actually full of God as it takes place. How is corporate worship the activating of worshippers instead of inviting an audience to a passive observation of what takes place on a platform?"

-Henry Stewart