Jessica Phillips

Movement is the relationship between the body, the breath, and the mind. My classes are designed to be gentle, with a deep focus on the breath and our inner landscape; to practice, again and again, coming back home to the self in the present moment. You will be empowered with tools to support your overall wellness. I used these same tools to keep me grounded in my former job as an Emergency Medical Technician and now as a parent to three teens. I teach in a way that provides a full spectrum practice - not just the performance of physical postures, but integrating body and mind in order to experience holistic wellbeing. It's my hope that as you practice with me you'll not only find greater flexibility and range of motion, but the calm center that has always existed within you and the subtle and unique experience of yourself both externally and internally. The mind does not exist separately from the body. Calming the mind calms the body, just as calming the body calms the mind. I'm excited to be a part of a team that brings integrative wellness to all aspects of your life.


Classes:  Guided RelaxationStretch and ResetSomatic Movement