Jessica Hanson

I've been a mom since 1998 and during these two decades I've gained much experience and learning on what I believe is the most important job in life -- parenting the next generation.  I am mom to 4 boys and 1 girl, and like many moms, I have spent countless hours poring over parenting books, attending workshops and classes, and learning from my own parenting mistakes and successes.  One thing I've learned is that there is no “magic bullet” or “one size fits all” solution to parenting, 

I seek to understand the unique struggles, circumstances, background, and goals of each of my parenting clients.  I design individualized support plans which will encourage, equip, and empower parents to be successful in connecting with their children to bring about cooperation and vibrant and sustained intrapersonal and interpersonal growth. 

Jessica has 20+ years of experience homeschooling her 5 children and since 2006 has taught early childhood classes in her own music studio, TakeNoteStudio,  to hundreds of children and their parents.  

Focus:  Parent Coaching