Henry Stewart

Hi There! 

Whatever just happened in your local church wouldn’t shock or surprise me—neither blessing or bombshell. Whatever your missionaries might be going through —hitting the wall or hitting their strides —wouldn’t surprise or shock me either. You see, I’m old ( 72) but not aging! I’ve pastored local churches for many years, and ministered to global workers for many years. I love both, have been blessed immensely by both, and have taken my licks in ministry as well.

Do you need any help?

Is your church “between pastors” and  wondering “what’s next for us”?

Would you like to learn how to minister effectively to missionaries?  

Is your church leadership “stuck” in conflict or lacking direction?

Here’s some things to know about me:



Pastor/ shepherd, encouragement, mercy, leadership.

Equipping and launching others into service.

Excellent people and communication skills.

Preaching/ teaching with a encouragement/exhortation “voice”.



Ministry to global ministry workers; Christians who work cross culturally; pastors and missionaries from other cultures; states-based pastors and missionaries. God has called me to be a “Nehemiah”—someone who works to rebuild God’s people, in a wide variety of contexts, including local churches. 



In Ministry Understanding the dynamics of spiritual growth; helping “stuck” local churches or church teams regain vision, direction and momentum; shepherding and encouraging local church leadership teams; preaching and teaching the Word; helping local churches develop a strategy for Great Commission involvement; I love thinking about what is involved when the corporate worship of God is actually full of God as it takes place. How is corporate worship the activating of worshippers instead of inviting an audience to a passive observation of what takes place on a platform?


In living life  Yard work and gardening; teaching teenagers history;  long distance running;  all sorts of music from classic rock n role through bluegrass to classical ;  reading history and biography;  enjoying my wife, children and 11 grandchildren; international travel, exploring new places; the worship of God in my private life as a daily discipline.





Married for 48 great years to Diane Stewart, all surpassing wife, grandma, home educator, international tour director and Bible teacher. Three grown children, all married, 11 grandchildren.


Most Recent Ministry Employment


2012-2013Part-time Interim Pastor, People’s Church, Beloit, WI.

2001-2004Associate Pastor, Eastbrook Church. (Assimilation, Adult Education, Pastor

                   to the staff; preaching).

1999-Present A missionary with Barnabas International. Pastor to Missionaries (ELIM Retreat Ministries and overseas ministry to international mission’s community as pastor/teacher.) 



1991-1999Waukesha Bible Church. Senior Pastor

1983-1991Evangelical Congregational Church, Stamford, Ct. Senior Pastor