Eric Lemberger

After many years of failed attempts to stay sober on June 6th 1998 I took my last drink.  For the next 15 years I was involved in Alcoholics Anonymous, 12 of those 15 I was heavily involved in the service structure of AA holding all positions at the district level and a few at the Area level.  

During my sobriety I achieved my HSED and found I liked school.  I went on to attain my general education which I applied towards classes for a Business Management certificate. My main passion, however, continued to be serving those still suffering with alcoholism, I sponsored many people into long term sobriety, but I struggled with my own belief in God.  I tried the phrase “fake it you make it” far too long.   My wife and I started attending our current church and I found my belief, my faith, and the Holy Spirit touched my heart.  Over these past 7 years my faith has grown leaps and bounds learning about the Bible and how to apply it to my everyday life in recovery.  My relationship with God is boundless  through my trust in the Lord.

I started my journey in story work, first with Character Development, then through Journey 1 and 2 which had led me to through Relational Development (Lay Counselor Training Program).  These experiences and trainings have strengthened my faith and conviction of the Gospel and God’s word, I am looking forward to meeting and working with you so you too can “trudge the road to happy destiny”