Amy Easterbrook

The journey of healing is the most sacred of all journeys – one that takes the pieces of experiences and memories stored in our minds and bodies and attempts to place them back together in a way that is both honoring and honest, creating a new story out of the old patterns and systems that reflects the particular part of the Kingdom of God that we were most meant to reveal.

I am meant to hold the stories of others; to gather the scattered pieces and hold them as they carefully and honestly put them together in the way that allows for wholeness in body, mind and spirit.  My longing on behalf of all people is that they would feel welcome to bring the fullness of themselves into every situation; that they would know their identity, their design and their Designer, and discover the ways they are most meant to bring a taste of the Kingdom of God to each moment.

I have spent much of my working life with families who are struggling with emotional and behavioural regulation due to past and present traumatic family situations.  As a Social Worker, I have assisted families in establishing safety for themselves and others, establishing boundaries and engaging in awareness of the impact they bring with them wherever they are.

I have a passion for integrating emerging brain science and body work with spiritual and emotional awareness to create a sense of wholeness and flourishing for each individual who walks with me along their journey of healing.  Professional development through the Allender Centre in Seattle has awakened a passion for coaching through the process of Narrative “story work”.  This process allows you to find your voice and explore events in your life, becoming aware of the meanings you have placed on these experiences and how they shape your daily interactions with others. Putting together the story of your life (so far) also allows you to observe yourself and begin to bring awareness and change to each part of you.  

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree of Social Work in 2001, married a marvelous man in 2002 and now have 4 teenage children.  Together, we have pastored in 4 churches over the last 20 years.  We have chosen to homeschool our children, live fully integrated in community and seek to live each day as followers of Jesus.

Focus: Narrative-focused trauma care, Counseling, Abuse Recovery, Person-centered, Strength-based, Trauma and Disability informed approaches, Harm Reduction, Family Structures and Systems


2021 – SAFE {Structured Analysis Family Evaluation} Supervisory Certificate, Consortium For Children

2019 – Certificate Level 1 – Narrative Focused Trauma Care – Allender Centre

2018 – SAFE {Structured Analysis Family Evaluation} Certificate, Consortium For Children

2014 - Certificate Level 1 – Clinical Marriage Therapy – The Gottman Institute

2014 – Certificate – Parenting Capacity Assessment – University of Calgary

2001 - Bachelor of Social Work (currently Registered with the Alberta College of Social Workers)

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