Up Front Pricing:  Christian Counseling with no hidden fees, no extra charges.

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  • Pros & Cons of Self-Pay


    • Predictable:  No hidden fees, no additional charges.
    • Private:  The details of your work stays between you and your counselor.  No insurance company employees or other third parties will have access to your information/treatment.  There is no need to report a medical or psychological diagnosis to an employer, doctor or insurer because New Day does not diagnose medical/psychological conditions.  
    • Flexible:  Payments can be spread over weeks/months without any interest charges.
    • HSA Compliant:  Health Savings Account funds can be used for New Day Christian Counseling.
    • Faith Affirming:  New Day counselors are motivated by the compassion of Christ to help people improve the quality of their lives.  Your faith and worldview will find support and integration in your counseling.  
    • Costs don't apply to your insurance deductible; Most insurances do not cover session cost.
  • Regular Session

    Session is 45 minutes (Initial session may be up to 60 minutes at no additional charge)