Culture Shift Package

This collection of resources is specifically designed to shift your corporate church culture to a dynamic, genuine community focused on engaging people and their problems through a Story-Based Discipleship frame of reference.

  • Character Development (CD)*

    This program is both lecture and small group based.  It is designed to run for 9 months and meets 2x/month for 3 hours each meeting.  1 hour is lecture and 2 hours are small group based. This is the foundational program to all of New Day's Story-Based approach to discipleship.  This format can be adjusted to fit your church's context, timeline and needs.  

    *New Day requires the leadership team to have personally experienced the Leader Version of Character Development in order to support corporate implementation of CD

  • Journey Groups (I & II)*

    Journey groups are small groups of 4-6 people facilitated by one or two trained facilitators.  These groups are designed to bring healing and freedom into deeper levels of a participants experience of daily living.

    *Journey groups require trained facilitators.  Facilitators from your church can be trained by New Day or provided to your ministry through New Day.  

  • Facilitated Group Studies/Sermon Series/Discussions

    Using New Day staff and your selection of resources, New Day will facilitate engaging conversations among your congregation via small groups, sermon series, and/or sermon discussion questions.

  • Individual Care

    Senior Leaders can access one-on-one care/consultation with New Day team member (up to 2 hours per week).